Our staffed ICRI CERTIFIED CONCRETE SLAB MOISTURE TESTING TECHNICIAN SPECIALIST specialize in resolving moisture related flooring problems associated with wet concrete slabs. If the Relative Humidity testing indicates that the slab still hasn’t dried out, we can apply a moisture vapor control product that will allow you to install your floor covering immediately. If you have a moisture related problem with an existing slab, we can remediate the situation and guarantee that the problem has been resolved. Floor Blisters? Mold? Mildew? Tile Cupping? Unpleasant Odor? Discoloration? Let us eliminate these conditions for you.




Vapor Emission Testing ASTM F 1869-04

To determine amount of moisture that is emitting from 1,000 square feet of slab surface within a 24 hours period. Industry standards indicate floor covering tolerance to 3 lbs.

Concrete Slab Relative Humidity Testing ASTM F 2170

To determine a current relative humidity rate of a slab. Industry standards indicate floor covering tolerance to 75%.




Existing Floor Covering Removal

Old or damaged floor covering is removed so the concrete can be fixed and prepped for new floor covering.





A concrete cleaning process that uses a machine that has a diamond disk on the bottom and spins much like a floor polisher. A “smooth” profile is the finished effect. Procedure is 96% dust free. Generally two to three levels of grinding are done to achieve a surface suitable for application of moisture barrier products.



Shot Blasting

A concrete cleaning process that involves equipment that propels a large number of small steel BB’s onto the concrete effectively chipping the concrete surface. The BB’s are recycled into the equipment and used continuously throughout the process. A “sandpaper” profile is the finished effect.





Moisture Control

Controls the moisture in a concrete slab to avoid floor covering failures.

Vapor Emission Control

Controls the emission of vapor from a concrete surface with the use of products such as 100% solids epoxy barrier.


One-Coat Moisture Control System:

​ The ARDEX MC™ RAPID MOISTURE CONTROL SYSTEM is a one-coat, 100% solids epoxy moisture management system formulated to suppress excessive moisture vapor emissions in new or existing concrete prior to installing an ARDEX underlayment with flooring. It is especially suited to treat areas of new concrete in critical installations, such as health care and institutional applications where the construction schedule does not allow adequate drying of the concrete. ARDEX MC RAPID is also recommended over existing concrete where the level of moisture emissions from the slab exceeds the maximum allowed by the manufacturer of the finished floor covering.

  • One-coat epoxy resin system
  • No sand broadcast required for underlayment applications of 1/4” (6 mm) or less
  • Ready to prime in just 4 hours
  • Solvent free, alkali resistant
  • Tenacious bond to substrate
  • Reduces vapor emissions to below maximum acceptable levels for floor coverings
  • For RH readings up to 100%
  • ASTM E96 perm rating ≤.06​
  • Use under all standard commercial and residential floor coverings on interior substrates only




Oil Removal System

Proven cutting-edge technology utilizing a specialized hydrocarbon-extraction/degreasing agent and final oil-containment coating for use on oil-contaminated concrete surfaces.



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