• Transform new and old concrete into a reflective, durable, cleanable surface
  • No strip and wax…reduces maintenance
  • Doesn’t require moisture remediation/No problems with moisture vapor transmission
  • Polished concrete by Gulf Coast Flooring is suitable for any commercial facility including schools, industrial, retail, restaurants, and corporate facilities.



  1. FLOOR PREP: Remove existing flooring and adhesive
  2. GRINDING: Multiple steps of grinding using progressively finer diamond tooling
  3. DENSIFICATION: Application of silicate material to strengthen and harden newly ground surface
  4. POLISHING: Newly densified surface is polished with progressively finer diamond tooling to create a glossy resilience
  5. COLOR: Dye stain is applied to penetrate the surface
  6. BURNISH: The final polish process to achieve the maximum reflective shine


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